Favorite Audio

Edge of Faith Video Game Song
ToS - Fighting of the Spirit Video Game Song
Flies of Symphonia Video Game Song
Shrouding Dark Cloud ~Orch.~ Classical Song
DC2 - Dark Genie Battle Remix Video Game Song
KKS - Owl Forest [cover] Video Game Song
{LAi} Dark Cloud Promise Video Game Song
Dark Cloud - Credits Roll Video Game Song
Dark Cloud - Promise Remix Video Game Song
Dark Cloud Main Theme Orch RE Video Game Song
Trick and Treat (cover) Miscellaneous Song
The Love of a Dunmer Classical Song
Blossoms for the Maiden Classical Song
Our Love Forever Classical Song
Heart of Gold Classical Song
Pure of Heart Bluegrass Song
A Love Unforgotten Cinematic Song
Dreamworld Cinematic Song
Eternity Cinematic Loop
Bound by Love Solo Instrument Song
My Missing Girl Cinematic Song
Star Gazing Ambient Song
The Forest Girl Classical Song
Precious Classical Song
Quiet Musings Classical Loop
Simple Happy Piano Improv Solo Instrument Loop
Chilling Hotsprings Classical Song
vs Demyx Miscellaneous Song
vs Saix Miscellaneous Song
vs Xaldin Miscellaneous Song
vs Xigbar Miscellaneous Song
To the Furthest Galaxy Miscellaneous Song
Unbroken (Interlude) Classical Song
Unbroken General Rock Song
The Adventurer Cinematic Song
Lost in Gaia Forest Miscellaneous Song
~Living in the Now~ World Song
I Dream of Her~+*' Solo Instrument Song
The Dreams of Storms Classical Song
The Festival World Loop
Sky's the Limit Video Game Loop
Knuckles' Theme S&K Video Game Song
Sanctuary Cinematic Song
Guardians of Old Cinematic Song
(CHS) Zelda: Dreamwalker Video Game Song
bad apple orchestra Video Game Song
Sonic Armegeddon: Shadows Grunge Song
Kingdom Hearts Medley Video Game Song
Paraphrase: Kairi-Naminé-Xion Miscellaneous Song
Elfen Lied:Lilium Miscellaneous Song
reiuyi - Lilium Classical Song
Lilium (Demo/ Not full Song.) Classical Loop
Lilium - Instrumental Remix Classical Song
Lilium - Elfen Lied Classical Song
Lilium - Piano & Whistle Ambient Song
Lilium arr. Piano and Cello Classical Song
Lilium - Raining piano Ambient Song
=Lilium= [RMX] Dubstep Song
Lilium - Numb version Ambient Song
Lilium for guitar Miscellaneous Song
Lilium Techno Song
Elfen Lied - Lilium(Rmk) Miscellaneous Song
Lilium (Music Box) Classical Song
Kim - Lilium (Elfen Lied) Miscellaneous Song
EL - Lilium (Weil remix) Industrial Song
Continue? Theme Remix Video Game Song
_-_Song of Healing_-_ Video Game Song
LoZMM MMC5:SongofHealing Video Game Loop
A Cute little Song of healing Video Game Loop
"Mephiles' Whisper" Drama Voice
~*~Chao~*~ Video Game Song
Dark Cloud: Moon Sea Mix Video Game Song
Rarity Tears (2012 Mix) Video Game Song
Persona 4 Boss BitMix Video Game Song
I am the Doctor BitMix Chipstep Song
~Disconnected~ Classical Song
ZeldaMM~Tale of Majoras Mask Video Game Song
Zelda - Bolero Of Orchestral Video Game Song
[GC] TOS - Sanctuary [Remake] Video Game Loop
Tales of Symphonia Video Game Song
ToS - Harmony Video Game Song
Ancient Guide Video Game Song
06; Shiek_MoS Video Game Song
Zelda-Nayru's Song Video Game Song
(CHS) Zelda: Hero's Requiem Video Game Song
Kaepora Gaebora's Theme ( HE ) Video Game Song
Ode to the Water Goddess Classical Loop
(CHS)Zelda: Hymn Of The F Video Game Song
(CHS) Zelda: Tears Of The Sky Video Game Song
Song of Raving Storms Video Game Song
(CHS) Zelda:Midna's Smile Video Game Song
(CHS) Zelda: Nayru's Walt Video Game Song
Zenit - Zelda Lost Woods RMK Techno Song
Song of Healing Video Game Song
(CHS) Zelda: Recovery Video Game Song
POKEMON- Pokemon Tower Video Game Song
Seaside Denied (Song) Video Game Song
Heavenly Horrors Video Game Song
Re: The 13th Struggle Video Game Loop